Top 5 Websites to Buy Climbers And Creepers In India

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Climbers and creepers are without any doubt, the best décor plants for your house interiors or even your outdoor gardens, walls, arches, doors, or fences.

Vines with attractive green shaded leaves, several kinds of variegated twines wrapping around other plants and poles, the colorful flowers that bloom and the aesthetically wild appearance are among the best buys for any garden enthusiast looking for some dramatic greens to add to their displays.

It can be a dilemmatic situation to choose a good platform to buy your plants from. Many a time when the local or city plant nursery, gardening stores, etc. do not seem to be the most convenient option for you, the best option is to look online.

Online sites selling plants may or may not seem like a good idea because of the virtual space of interaction, but with the right amount of knowledge and good platforms and sites to choose from, you can arrive at a good conclusion.

Among the very many websites available to choose from, we’ve brought to you 5 easy and efficient sites to buy your climbers and creepers from if you’re an Indian searching for your favorite green vines online.

Listed below are 5 websites you can go to if you’re looking for creepers and climbers for your Indian homes:



PLANTSGURU is a website where you can buy all kinds of creepers and climbers in India for fairly low prices. In PLANTGURU’s online store you can get a variety of creepers and climbers to choose from and know more about.

This is a very user-friendly site and you can easily search, select, know more about, and order plants for your house according to your choices.

PLANTSGURU is a great shopper-friendly site and a lot of customers have had great experiences and no complaints about buying creepers and climbers from here.

The price they offer is considerably low as compared to many other general plant selling sites.

Apart from pricing, these retailers have a wide range of plants to offer from. They have a great collection in their creepers and climbers section too. Bougainvillea, Allamanda creepers, jasmine plants, curtain creepers, English ivy, money plants, bleeding heat vine, garlic creepers, etc. are among their best-selling vine plants.

This online plant shop also brings to you a lot of varieties within one species to choose from, for example – they have a wide range of bougainvillea creepers with various colored flowers and unique foliage. They also offer several varieties of the Allamanda creepers and the Pothos plants.

On browsing through this site about a plant, you can get to know the details of the plants, its description, uses and benefits, cultivation and care tips, etc. You can often avail offers and use coupons. They also provide you with a chat option where you can share your questions, queries, suggestions, and feedback.

They deliver plants right to your homes in good and safe packaging and within time, avoiding any kind of damage. They also offer to you a wide range of pots, garden décor, fertilizers, and other seeds and plants to add to your gardens.

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2. NurseryLive


Another good option if you’re looking for online options to buy creepers and climbers from is NurseryLive. It can be your go-to online nursery.

It is one of the very popular sites and it also has a blog where regular tips, information, facts, and other interesting knowledge are shared related to gardening and plants. It is fit to serve you with all your gardening needs. It has a range of as many as 6000 products to choose from and it delivers all across India.

When it comes to climbers and creepers this store has a lot to choose from. The rates are reasonable and aren’t really on the more expensive side. Delivery is correctly carried out and conveniently done for customer satisfaction.

They have a variety of Pothos vines to offer to you, like – the regular money plant, neon Pothos, marble Pothos, etc. Apart from money plant species, it also has a good collection of Allamanda vines varying in sizes and blooming colors.

Jasmines and Garlic creepers are also available in this online store. The very famous curtain creeper can also be purchased on NurseryLive. Several colorful varieties of Mandevilla plants and philodendrons are made accessible to gardens as well at cheap prices.

To make buying even better, they provide appealing offers and deals for the customers.This site is a very efficient one. It includes a detailed description of a plant along with videos from their channel to help the buyers get a good idea about the growing care tips that are necessary for a particular plant.

It mentions the planting and care tips for each plant and also the dos and don’ts that are needed to follow. Other information like the key elements to keep in mind to take care of and provide requirements to the plants, special features and facts of the plants are provided.

It also adds the uses and benefits of the plant along with some frequently asked questions that the buyer might stumble upon. Apart from all of this it also has a live chat option that makes interactions better and easier.

Here on NurseryLive you can even buy potting soil mix, decorative pots, and fancy garden ornaments, fertilizers and plant nutrition mix, etc. They sell an attractive stock of a variety of pots to choose from.

NurseryLive, overtime has received a lot of media recognition and mentions by Hindustan Times, daily hunt, Dainik Bhaskar, Economic Times, etc. as a great business platform and a one-stop platform for all garden enthusiasts across India.

3. PlantsLive


PlantsLive is a great platform to get your greens online in India. This stage allows you to browse through a variety of plants, climbers, creepers, flowering plants, etc.

This site provides an attractive and varied collection. You can always find your favorite creepers and climbers on this online plant store.

Ranging from Bougainvillea and its vibrantly colored species, Philodendrons, variegated Pothos varieties, Curtain creepers, passionflower vines English ivy vines, garlic creepers, etc. this store has a lot to offer to the buyers. It has well over 150 varieties of creepers and climbers in store.

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These e-commerce sellers aim at providing gardeners and houseplant growers all across India with plants and seeds right at their doorsteps.

It also offers its products at reasonable rates and also puts forward many convenient online payment varieties to suit the buyer’s needs and make it easier.

Along with providing information about the size, shape, color, age, etc. of various plants, this site also puts forward a lot of extra information that comes handy to all the buyers, like – the plant requirements, care and maintenance tips, the right temperature, watering, soil, light, fertilizing, etc.

You can also directly contact the sellers on WhatsApp to inquire and clear your doubts or gain extra information about specific plants. You can also view reviews on each plant from previous buyers or add a review about your buying experience as well.

This site all in all works to suit and serve its customers well and provide them with satisfactory delivery and green products.

4. Amazon

Along with its so many varieties of products, Amazon is also a great online shopping site if you are looking from plants to decorate your rooms or outdoor gardens. Amazon is among the world’s largest seller and e-commerce websites.


In India, Amazon is a popular online shopping website. It is an all products supply site and they have a garden shop as well.

The plants and gardening section of amazon is as intimidating as the rest of the site. Amazon is well-known for its fast deliveries, various benefits, cheap prices, easy return policies, and so much more.

Amazon also brings to all the green-thumbed, an opportunity to browse through its garden categories. If you are looking for creepers and climbers, you can always trust Amazon with its great service policies and customer satisfactory reviews.

Amazon has over 500 varieties to offer when it comes to vines and creepers. From the famous and popular homegrown climbers and creepers to the rather uncommon ones, you can find a lot of varieties on Amazon.

Some among the varied available climbers and creepers found on Amazon include – the curtain creeper, various colored morning glory vines, golden Pothos (money plant), Madhumalati vines, bleeding heart vines, N’Joy Pothos, satin Pothos, Allamanda creepers in various colors, jasmine vines, English ivy creepers, etc.

Amazon offers very cheap prices when compared to other online plant stores. It also mentions a detailed description of the creeper you want to buy, its light requirements, water, temperature and nutrition needs, feature, details, uses, benefits, etc.

There are also reviews for items and many a time answers to doubts and queries. You can also ask about a product to acquire more detail.

It also has a lot of pots, fertilizers, pesticides, plant nutrition mixtures, gardening tools, hanging garden structures, etc. which you can buy to supplement your garden needs.

A lot of gardening stores use amazon as their product selling platform, which means you can also search for other branded plants on amazon as it is also a host platform for sellers.

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Amazon is one of the easiest and most convenient online shopping stores and has excellent customer service history. Amazon is growing as a popular website among houseplant buyers and interior décor experts also recommend buying from here. Amazon is one of the best stops to get your greens in India while online shopping.

5. MyBageecha

MyBageecha is another useful station for you while to decide to get some climbers and creepers online. This site is a great one for not only individual buyers but also stores and other firms.

All your gardening needs are made available on this accessible and efficient online site. MyBageecha is very popular for its unique moss frames which are a very new and bright idea for a home embellishment item.

Along with this, the sites also provide the buyers with a variety of options among several bulbs and seeds, plants, garden décor and essential items, terrarium kits, etc.

When it comes to vines and creepers, this website has a lot to offer to its customers. They have a colorful variety of the vibrant bougainvillea to bleeding heart vines, the unique Honululu creepers, Jasmines, curtain creepers, passion flowers, sky blue cluster vines, Allamanda, Bush clock vines, Madhumalati, pearls and jade Pothos, Silk Pothos, Neon Pothos, and so many others. They have like 100 variety to choose from.

They mention the necessary description about the plant species, the growing and flowering season, maintenance, light requirements, watering needs, size, correct pot to be used, uses, benefits, etc.

You can view remarks from previous buyers and leave one after your experience with MyBageecha.

It also sells little decorative idols, showpieces, pots, and other ornaments for the garden. Check out this online store today to find your favorite creepers and climbers and get them at reasonably low prices.

Whenever you are shopping online for plants, make sure you keep the following precautions in mind:

  1. The images that are shown and the actual products may vary greatly.
  2. Make sure delivery time is less as plants are perishable products and can be affected if in storage or in transit for long.
  3. Buying plants online during the summer may be risky as the weather may make the plants for vulnerable to damage.
  4. The shipping of your ordered plants may be delayed based on climate issues.
  5. -Do read customer reviews and ask your questions in the FAQ section if plausible.
  6. Always read the seller’s policies to know how to care for your plants.
  7. Look for return policy options.
  8. Follow the requirement and care tips accordingly

With the right information, you can go ahead and get yourselves your favorite plants online to embellish your home and gardens.

Recommended creepers & climbers for your Indian garden

If you are looking for some great creeper and vine options, here are a few popular ones:

  • Jasmine
  • Aparajita
  • Money plants
  • Flame plant
  • Madhumalati
  • Curtain creeper
  • Garlic vine
  • Passion Flower vine
  • Blue Morning glory
  • Bougainvillea
  • Bleeding heart vine
  • English Ivy
  • Begonia
  • Allamanda
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