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The Rudraksh is a holy symbol in the Hindu culture. The believers and followers of Shaivism use the Rudraksh seed as a bead in prayers.  The Rudraksh seed which has such important value in the Hindu culture is derived from a large variety of evergreen trees.

This seed is threaded together to make into mala or bracelets and necklaces and is worn by the followers of Lord Shiva. The name – ‘Rudraksh’ is derived from the Sanskrit language and when broken up constitutes to ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksh’ which when put together mean – the eyes of Lord Shiva. Scientifically this plant is called – Elaeocarpus ganitrus.

These broad-leaved, large, and evergreen trees are found growing alongside the areas of the Gangetic plains in India by the foothills of Himalayas.

They are also found in places like Nepal, South-east Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Hawaii, Australia, etc. These trees generally grow up to a height of around 30ft.

The Rudraksh seeds obtained from these trees are covered with a blue husky outer layer and this color quality gives this seed its other name of – the blueberry bead.  The Rudraksh trees grow quickly and start to fruit in around 3 to 4 years.

Growing a Rudraksh plant t home is like bringing the blessings of Lord Shiva to the house and family. Gardening, growing, and maintenance of a Rudraksh tree is a feasible task and can be done at home gardens with all the proper instructions and good care. 

Where to get a Rudraksh plant online?

If you want you to plant a Rudraksh tree in your garden, it can be done from the very beginning by buying Rudraksh plant seeds, or you can even buy a small plant which can be transplanted to your garden soil and it can continue to grow there.

Getting a Rudraksh plant online is easy; there are various online stores where you can find seeds or a small sampling of the Rudraksh plant which can be delivered to you efficiently and can be used to plant and maintain it to a tree. Among the many websites where you can get your Rudraksh plant online, some include:


Rudraksh plant

PLANTSGURU is a very convenient online store where you can get your garden plants, samplings, seeds, equipment and tools, fertilizers, pots, pesticides, etc. for considerably reasonable prices.

This site is a popular Indian gardening website and delivers products efficiently to the customers. There are a variety of plants to choose from. They deliver to your doorstep within proper time and in good packaging to avoid damage.

This is a very user-friendly site to search, select, read, and plan about the product you are looking for. You can also read reviews and comments of various previous buyers of the same product and pitch in your views as well after buying their product.

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There is also a live chat option where you can type in your queries, questions, and suggestions for the sellers and you would receive your reply as well.

Buying a Rudraksh plant here would be a great choice as they provide you with good quality plants and that too at reasonable costs. You can view the images of the sampling plants and even read about the description of the plant.

The details also contain the information that a buyer would need for proper planting and caring of the trees or plants they buy. On this site, you can easily find the desirable Rudraksh plant that is 100 percent original and comes along with a pot to help you plant it.

The plant sampling sold by these dealers is around 1 – 2 feet tall and perfect for starting a plant at your homes. The reviews about this product are all positive and trustworthy.

You can even exchange the product in case of any damage or defect. This is a great site to order a Rudraksh plant from, for your home gardens.

2. Amazon

Rudraksh plant is from Amazon

Another very efficient site where you can buy a Rudraksh plant is from Amazon. Amazon is a very popular online store and has a variety of products to choose from.

Gardening tools and supplies are also popularly found on this site. The customer service and product qualities on Amazon are trustworthy and verified.

On Amazon, you can easily find a lot of varieties of the Rudraksh plant as well as seeds for this tree. A lot of different branded sellers showcase their products of Amazon and you can choose from a myriad of varieties. Amazon products also give you a detailed description along with the description of the sellers.

Rudraksh plants on Amazon are cheaper than on many other online stores. You can choose from a potted variety or a non-potted Rudraksh plant as well. It even has a lot of rare varieties o choose from. You can also buy the Rudraksh tree seeds from here.

Delivery charges are often either low or null and delivery is made efficient and the product is sent right to the customer’s doorstep without damage. You can even read, ask questions, and verify details of the product and leave reviews of your experience.

Amazon often has various discounts and other attractive offers in its products.

All in all, this is a great online shopping platform from where you can get the Rudraksh plant sampling of your choice to plant in your gardens.

3. NurseryLive


NurseryLive is an online plant store where you can buy all your required garden essentials. This can even be your go-to online nursery.

It is one of the popular online gardening stores and it also has its blog where daily tips, information, facts, and other important knowledge are shared related to planting and plants. It serves you with all your gardening needs. It has a range of as many as 6000 gardening products to choose from and it also delivers to customers all across India.

You can get Rudraksh plants from NurseryLive as well and it also provides all the necessary information and descriptions for this plant. It mentions specifications like the height of the plant, spread, planting, and caring requirements for proper growth, uses of this tree, etc. You can even read reviews of other buyers about a product.

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There are already answered FAQs and you can also post your questions and doubts on their messaging option.

With a lot of available offers, discounts and free benefits, this is yet another great online store to buy a Rudraksh plant.

Many other online shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paudhshala, Shopclues, and so on can be referred for buying a Rudraksh plant or seeds for this tree as well.

How to grow and care for a Rudraksh plant?

Growing is Rudraksh plant is very simple and having this tree at home is considered to be of good fortune and it also has religious and medicinal uses. This tree can be grown and maintained by following these steps:

1. Propagation of the plant:

If planting a sampling, it is better to take a fresh and healthy plant to encourage good growth and less vulnerability of the plant.

When seeds are being used to plant a new Rudraksh tree, be sure to break the dried Rudraksh into two and take out the seeds before planting as the hard woody outer covering does not let the seeds in them germinate until taken out.

2. Soil Requirements:

Rudraksh plants like well-draining soils that are rich in compost. When growing in a pot, it is advisable to make the soil airier and well-drained by adding agents such as sand, pebbles, gravel, etc. at the bottom of the pot to let water drain out easily.

Natural manures and nutrient-rich fertilizers can be added to the soil before planting the Rudraksh for better growth of the plant. Hoeing the soil once in a while is also good as it lets the soil hold more air for the roots and makes drainage easier.

3. Climate required to grow a Rudraksh tree:

These trees are generally found along the Gangetic plains in northern India by the foothills of the Himalayas. Thus such northern and cool climates are best for the growth of a Rudraksh plant.

Regions that have a comparatively cool climate throughout the year with mild and moderate summer temperatures are ideal for the growth of these plants. A maximum temperature of 35 is suitable.

If you are growing this plant in a place with higher temperatures, it is best to let the plant grow in shade.  The potted Rudraksh can be put under the shade of a bigger tree so that it receives protection from the direct heat.

4. Watering the Rudraksh plant:

During the initial stages of the plant, the Rudraksh needs regular watering. It is advisable to water the plants twice in a day during the summers and once a day during other months of the year.

Once the plant is well-established and has grown into a tree, watering regularly can be reduced as per choice. During the monsoon months, these plants can survive with the water from the rains.

Over-watering the plants must be avoided as the roots of these plants absorb water readily and too much moisture can make the roots rot. It is good to keep the soil well-drained and prevent water-logging as well.

5. Fertilizing the Rudraksh plant:

This plant likes to be treated with organic manures. Using rotting cow dung can be very beneficial to the growth of this plant. Cow dung is natural and excellent as organic plant manure.

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Adding this naturally occurring manure is to be carried out regularly during the flowering and fruiting season of the Rudraksh tree as it encourages growth and blooming of the tree. Potash rich fertilizers are also good for this plant and can be used to make the soil richer in nutrient content.

6. Pests and diseases in these plants:

The Rudraksh is a rather pest-resistant plant and does not get infested on by insects and pests. Too much watering in this plant can lead to rotting of the roots

. The roots happen to absorb water quickly and thus is it very important to not over wet these roots. Root rotting can lead to diseases in the plant. To avoid water-logging in the soil, it can be sloped a little so that excess water flows down and away from the bottom of the plant/tree.

7. Pruning the Rudraksh plant:

Once the plant is established and reaches a height of up to 10 – 12 feet, the leaves and branches can be pruned. Pruning the branches lightly helps in the development of newer branches and fresher foliage growth.

It also prevents the tree from getting too thinly branched. Timely pruning of the branches leads to a bushier growth. It also encourages better and more branches and in turn better fruits and seeds.

Symbolical importance, Benefits, and Uses of the Rudraksh:

The Rudraksh has extremely important values in the Hindu culture and has strong symbolical values and beliefs attached to it. The devotees of Lord Shiva wear the Rudraksh mala and also use the Rudraksh seeds for various religious and worshipping purposes.

Other than its religious value, the Rudraksh also has its importance in Indian medicine and Ayurveda because of its several health benefitting properties. Multiple parts of this plant have several medicinal qualities. The religious and medicinal uses of Rudraksh include:

–         The power of the Rudraksh is said to act as a protector and safeguards the wearer from various negative energies of the world.

–         The ones who wear Rudraksh also benefit from its power of maintaining good support, health, and providing stability to the body.

–         The beads of Rudraksh are said to have calming effects on the wearer and also helps in reducing blood pressure and relaxes the nervous system.

–         It is also said to increase concentration power in children.

–         Mala made from these beads are used for reciting prayers while meditating.

–         The powder obtained from crushing these seeds can be mixed with mustard oil to use as a paste to treat joint pain issues.

–         Consuming the Rudraksh seed powder along with honey and Tulsi leaves is said to cure colds.

–         The leaves of this plant have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. They are often used to treat wounds.

–         The leaves from the Rudraksh plant are also used to cure migraine and epilepsy.

–         Wearing Rudraksh has a good and soothing effect on the skin too. It heals itches and irritations.

–         Wearing this immensely blessed bead is claimed to have an overall purifying and rejuvenating effect on the body and mind as it brings positivity.


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